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Singapore Democrats

If you share the SDP’s vision for Singapore, if you think that the work we are doing is important, if you want to see us expand to become the alternative ruling party then help us raise the necessary funds.$CUT$

Political parties around the world, those that operate in democracies, rely on their supporters for their funding. Without them, parties shrivel up and become irrelevant.

This was what has been happening to opposition parties in Singapore since Independence. Financial support from the people has been meager and, as a result, the opposition has been ineffective. In the end, it is the people who have paid the price.

Over the last several years, however, the SDP has striven to earn the people’s support. Those of you who have followed our work can see that we have worked hard to speak up for Singaporeans and come up with viable alternatives to take Singapore forward.

How effective we are depends very much on how much resources we have. The lack of funding is a major limitation. Our projects – policy research, online work, ground campaign – depend entirely on your support.

We hope that we have been able to convince you of our determination to make our country a more equal, more caring and happier place to live in.

If you share this vision, please do your part to help us achieve it. Pick up a ticket ($32) for the Kampung Kook-Off next Sunday, 25 November 2012, and contribute towards the cause.

It’ll be an afternoon of great food and fun. Dr Chee’s ‘Chee-sy Mash’ potatoes will leave you coming back for seconds. And have you tried Vincent Cheng Tng, no prizes for guessing who’s stall that would be. How about Wijeysingha’s Warm-plate, a delectable starter? Or Siok Chin’s Slurpee drinks?  

There are altogether 20 stalls of starters, main dishes, desserts and drinks to cater to every palate, including local favourites like chicken curry with bread, stewed pork belly, nasi lemak, rendang, mee siam (without hum) and lots more! We have a halal section for our Muslim friends.

Bring your entire family because there is also a Children’s Corner where we’ll have face-painting and balloon-sculpting for the kids.  

They say never mix business with pleasure. But this is one occasion that we can break the rule – have fun supporting democracy while helping to build up the Singapore Democratic Party.

You can buy the tickets online by clicking on the big red “Buy TICKETS NOW!” button on the top right column, email:, call SDP’s office at 645-645-32, or call Jaslyn Go at 9239-3133.

Event: Kampung Kook-Off (SDP’s fund-raising event)
Date: 25 November 2012 (Sunday)
Time: 2-5pm
Ticket ($32): Buy tickets online by clicking on the big red “Buy TICKETS NOW!” button on the top right column, Email: or call 645-645-32