It’s official – Chee Soon Juan’s bankruptcy annulled

Singapore Democrats

The Official Assignee (OA) has written to Dr Chee Soon Juan to inform him that his bankruptcy has been annulled. Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Goh Chok Tong have agreed to the settlement after receiving $30,000 as payment.$CUT$

Dr Chee had raised the $30,000 in September over a week-and-a-half from enthusiastic supporters through donations and the sale of his latest book, Democratically Speaking.

He had offered Mr Lee and Mr Goh the amount as full settlement of the $500,000 he was ordered to pay in damages over a defamation suit in 2001. The two former prime ministers have officially accepted the offer. The OA consequently wrote to Dr Chee on 14 November 2012: 

We are pleased to inform you that the proposal you have made to your creditors towards the settlement of your debts is successful. The Official Assignee will be issuing you with a Certificate of Annulment in respect of this matter shortly.

Dr Chee wants to thank everyone who contributed to the effort to discharge him of the bankruptcy. He told his friends on Facebook: “The unprecedented exercise was more than just getting me out of bankruptcy, it was an indication your desire to see a strong SDP contest in the next general elections and to get into Parliament as your voice.”

Now that he is clear of his bankruptcy, Dr Chee is eligible to stand for the general elections in the 2016. His task is to continue growing the party by attracting more competent and committed Singaporeans so that a credible team can be presented at the next elections.

Thus far, the SDP has seen more and more professionals joining it and as a result has been able to come up with comprehensive and detailed alternative policies. Our papers on ministerial salaries, healthcare and housing as well as our shadow budgets have spelt out how Singapore should be governed.

These policy ideas have been well-received by Singaporeans on the Internet. The party will spread these messages on the ground as well. 
“We need to continue to work hard and work smart. Given the way the PAP has lost its direction – economically, politically and morally – the people are looking for a credible alternative. The SDP will be that alternative,” Dr Chee promises.

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