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Members and volunteers forsook our SDP uniforms and donned our aprons at the Kampung Kook-Off, serving up a storm at the Ford Caning Centre yesterday.$CUT$ 

The event was held to raise funds for the party as we look to expand our operations in the coming years to prepare for the next general elections.

And what better way than to have fun doing it.

The organising committee, led by Ms Chong Wai Fung and Ms Jaslyn Go, who also head the party’s Fund-raising Unit, invested a huge amount of time and energy in pulling off the event.

There was the food to coordinate, logistics to prepare and tickets to sell. It was an enormous task and, judging from the turnout and reaction from the crowd, well-executed.

Then there were the food vendors who prepared everything from appetizers to desserts.

Many of them spent days prior to the fair preparing the dishes and getting ready for the competition.

One of the stallholders, Ms Sharifah, said that she had spent three days prepared her dish: “It was a lot of work but a lot of fun too.”

The Vincent Cheng Tng, Wee Nam’s Wobblies (jello), Chee-sy Mash (potatoes), Vincent’s Vongole and even ISA kueh-kueh (served by our CEC member Mohd Isa) added to the already wide spread. The only item that seemed to be missing was Defamation Soup – but no one minded.  

Guests were given votes, in the form of ice-cream sticks, that they placed in holders at the various stalls.

The campaign was intense as stall-holders furiously served up their delectables and waited nervously for the votes to come in.

In the end, Ms Pamela Tan walked away with the Oscar, or in this case SDP’s equivalent – Danny, as she convincingly won the gastronomic battle with her home-baked cupcakes.

Guests oohed and aahhed as they surveyed the decorated dessert.

The best part was that she won the Kook-Off with her talent, she didn’t need to fix her opponent vendors or buy her support through growth (to the waistline) packages.

Local celebrities Ms Neo Swee Lim and Mr Lim Kay Siu were the guests-of-honour cum celebrity-judges.

They were taken from stall to stall where they sampled the spread. Their verdict? The SDP should start a food wing.  

There was also a Jumble Sale where knick-knack of all manner were sold.

Trinkets, iPhone covers, T-shirts, handbags, souvenir buttons, etc did brisk pasar malam style business.

This and the face painting were a hit with the kids – and the kids-at-heart attendees. Tiger, zombie, butterfly faces added to the colourful atmosphere. The balloon-sculpting was also a great draw.

A big and hearty shout out to our friend MeeLee for the kaleidescope she brought to the party yesterday and to a party of the future.   

The event was another adventure for the Singapore Democrats. It signals our intention not just to win the hearts and minds of the people but their stomachs too.

Our heartfelt thanks to all those who supported the event and to our guests who helped us raise the funds needed for us to continue our journey on the Road to GE2016. Along the way, let’s have some fun, something we sorely need to counter the emotionless society.

More event photos at SDP’s photo gallery or at facebook albums here and here.

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