Delays on MRT’s NEL

Dear Mr Lui Tuck Yew,

I don’t know if you are hiding in a cave together with your prime minister. The North-East Line (NEL) has been incredibly crowded these days, not helped by the “small” delays to the trains in the morning. Such delays are about 1 minute but as you can see, even 1 minute creates a huge jam with many of us unable to board the train.

As I have said, SBS and SMRT together with your Land Transportation Authority (LTA) are three of the most incompetent players in Singapore’s public transport landscape and I stand by this statement.

If you do not take firm decisive actions, you will certainly be out in 2016. And please don’t stand in a GRC like your PM did. Have guts to stand in an SMC.

Warmest regards,

B. Ong