Visualizing train service disruptions in Singapore

Hi, I’m Dayan, I am an avid Opposition supporter.

Thank you for inspiring young activists like me.

I developed a data visualization of train service disruptions in Singapore []. The purpose of the site is to raise awareness that train delays are more frequent than we think, and the big picture is concerning.

I’m pleased to inform you that the site is a winning entry in the recently concluded Google Apps Developer Challenge 2012 []. It was also featured in the Straits Times for providing an alternative view on SMRT’s self-congratulatory report on train service reliability [].

Apparently, SMRT has stopped tweeting train delays from their Twitter account [], which is a strange reversal of their promise to deliver prompt information on delays. Could SMRT be trying to stem another potential PR fallout?

Please support my site by spreading the word if you think this is a worthy cause. Thanks!


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