The trouble with the MIW

Hello, SDP,

The MIW are like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar. But like the defiant brat that he is, doesn’t show the slightest remorse, but instead glares back at all the eyes daggered at him, and bellows: “Yeah, so what?”

But that’s the trouble with them. It’s typical of the MIW.

OK, so his deputy said the “mea culpa” – although, oh, so unconvincingly. And the guilty party, too. But hell, it’s not everyday that one is caught with one’s pants down. So why the hurry for the PAP to say: “he has apologised, let’s move on”?

Remember how you laughed and mocked at the Workers’ Party when their ex-MP Yaw Shin Leong also fell foul of a damsel? But now, that hell is breaking loose in your own backyard. And all your leader can say is that he “will carefully consider whether to call a by-election for the area”? Like as though nothing happened?

As it is, the public now only know that Michael Palmer had resigned and apologised for his sexual indiscretion with a member of the People’s Association. But was there anything else involved, apart from the extramarital affair, like borrowing money or investments that went sour?

When they show they are in a hurry to close the case, it’s certainly not in sync with the way they harassed Yaw, baying for blood and full disclosure, aided by a complicit MSM.

Isn’t this just as clear a sign of betrayal as Yaw’s – not only to those working for Palmer in Punggol East but to all Singaporeans?  Is saying sorry enough? LHL could at least have given us the assurance that such a disgraceful act would never taint the image of the MIW again! Or something to that effect.

Is he so “above the law” that he cannot say – a la Knuckleduster King, during his reign – that he had always held steadfast to the principle that nobody is indispensable and that if anyone in their ranks was caught stepping out of line, he would have to resign or be instantly removed.

That should have been the stance taken immediately after the Palmer confession and resignation. Only then would they have gained the full respect and admiration of the populace.

For the people are not blind. We know that MPs are only mortals. And because the flesh is weak, they can trip and fall into such deadly human traps. But we are more than willing to forgive. Provided you come clean – without putting on any airs. Admit it when you are wrong and don’t try to hide.

See the way how ex-US President Bill Clinton himself later showed repentance for his transgressions with Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern, and asked the most powerful nation on earth for forgiveness? And the people eventually relented.

But the way it’s been done here only goes to show the trademark arrogance and holier-than-thou self-righteous and bigoted ways which unmistakably still pervade the MIW camp.

For more than 50 years, they haven’t learnt their lesson. No wonder one can actually feel the growing resentment on the ground. From the lunchtime gossips and coffeeshop talk to the fiery and emotional response in the social media. Looks like a Singapore Spring is on the cards, no?