Democrats commence campaign in Punggol East

Singapore Democrats

The SDP kicked off our campaign at the Punggol East constituency yesterday in preparation for the by-election expected to be called after PAP MP and Speaker, Mr Michael Palmer resigned because of an extra-marital affair.$CUT$

A small army of members in red-and-khaki descended upon the estate to distribute flyers and to knock on doors. The message was that Singapore needed a competent, constructive and compassionate party that could lead it into the future. 

Equally important was the message that Singapore faced serious problems because of misguided PAP policies and that the SDP has drawing up solutions to deal with these problems especially with regards to housing, healthcare and the influx of foreigners.

Many residents reinforced our views and told us that they were especially concerned about the continued rising of HDB prices and the spectre of retrenchment as a recession looms.

More than 50 members, marshaled by the party’s Ground Operations Unit led by CEC member Bryan Lim, gathered for a briefing in the morning before proceeding to Rivervale Mall to greet Sunday morning shoppers and meet the press.

The campaigners then split up to go to the various blocks in the vicinity to conduct house visits, covering nearly 2,000 units during the morning’s exercise.

But rather than just telling voters of our intention to contest the by-election, members were more interested to listen to the residents and hear about their concerns and worries so that we can take these issues up in Parliament.

Campaigners also invited residents to attend a block party scheduled for Wednesday, 9 January 2013, at one of the block’s void decks so that we can spend even more time listening to them as well as explaining SDP’s alternative policies.   

The Democrats will be working hard in the coming weeks and months to establish ourselves in the ward, and to spread the message that we are the party that can best serve the people of Punggol East and the party to take Singapore forward.

This is because we have listened, we know what Singaporeans are worried about and, most importantly, we have the answers to these problems. The SDP will be offering our alternative policies for Punggol East residents to vote on behalf of the entire nation.

More event photos at SDP’s facebook album.

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