Time to wake up to reality


The PAP deliberately do anything they want at the expense of the poor citizens because they know that they can never be defeated even if 80% of Singaporeans do not support them. It is very sad because it seems that most Singaporeans and all opposition parties do not even realise this. Why?

The PAP has been winning elections through the unfair and probably illegal GRC scheme all the years depriving innocent citizens of their legitimate choices through walkover wards. For example, the last election resulted in 60% for PAP and 40% against. Without the GRC scheme protecting them with walkover wards, the actual results might have been 40% for PAP and 60% against.

If more oppositions come forward in future elections, all the PAP need to do is to re-draw electoral boundaries and increase the GRC wards and its content. They will then inevitably win their majority of seats through the walkover wards.

So it should finally dawn on all citizens and the opposition parties that the only way to remove the big bully is to find ways to dismantle the wicked GRC scheme which they had been using to cheat us all the years.

Instead of complaining and hoping to defeat them in 2016 which is utterly impossible, let us put our brains together and explore all the avenues possible to dismantle the wicked GRC scheme. Possible scenarios may be to bring the case up to the International Court of Justice, United Nations and international human rights organisations, etc.


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