A caring party to speak up for you

Singapore Democrats

The SDP distributed flyers to residents of Punggol East promising to speak up and introduce policy issues in Parliament if elected. This is the message:$CUT$

A caring party to speak up for you

The constituency of Punggol East maysee a by-election in the near future. We look forward to theopportunity to persuade you that we have the competence to serve asyour Member of Parliament.

We would like to help you make yourvoice heard about the things that worry you. A strong party alwaysspeaks up for citizens.

Recently, we drew up some policy planson ways to make our housing and healthcare more affordable. We arealso writing a paper on how to control immigration so that ourcountry can be less crowded. Speciffically, we propose that:

• Singaporeans pay only 10% of theirhospital bills while the government shoulders the remainder from ahealth investment fund which will replace the Medisave scheme.

• The prices of HDB flats bemade affordable. Those of us who have already bought our flats at ahigh price will have our money returned to our CPF so that we canhave more funds to use for our retirement or other investments.

• Employers are required tooffer jobs to Singaporeans first and demonstrate that they cannotfind local employees before being allowed to employ foreigners.

(For more information about ourpolicies, please visit our website at yoursdp.org.)

Our policy papers have been warmlywelcomed by many Singaporeans who have read them. The SDP believesthat the government should look after our citizens.

We don’t want to spend all our CPFsavings on our HDB flats and leave us with nothing to retire on, wedon’t want to pay hefty medical bills that will put us into debtwhen we are sick, and we don’t want to compete unfairly withforeigners when it comes to jobs.

We want Singaporeans not only to workhard but to also enjoy the fruits of our labour, to enjoy ourfamilies and loved ones. We want our fellow citizens to enjoy abetter quality of life, a more balanced lifestyle where we are moresecure and happier.

We cannot achieve this if we areconstantly driven to work harder and longer for less and less, wecannot lead fulfilling lives if we have the dubious honour of beingthe most stressed workers and unhappiest people in the world.

Speaking up for you in Parliament canhelp the government to think again about what benefits us and ourfamilies. We will bring your concerns and aspirations to Parliamentand work to achieve a better Singapore.

Together we can make 2013 better forPunggol East and Singapore! Together we can make Punggol East betterfor you and your family!