PM presses panic button

Singapore Democrats

The announcement by the Prime Ministerof a by-election on such a tight deadline has come as no surprise.

Following the Singapore DemocraticParty’s announcement of our intention to stand and our strongshowing at the constituency on Sunday and Monday (6 and 7 January2013), the Prime Minister’s snap decision is clearly a sign of hisreluctance for the SDP’s message to gain widespread traction.$CUT$

The Government is beset by a worseningeconomic climate and little clarity in his direction for the country.It is also troubled by disturbing questions relating to the AIM towncouncil software debacle. It has demonstrated inability in reining inrunaway housing prices.

The call for this by-election in such asudden and hurried manner signals desperation to get matters out ofthe way rather than confidence in resolving them. The PM has pressedthe panic button.

Nevertheless, the SDP is ready for thecampaign. Voters have clearly indicated how difficult it is to copewith rising healthcare and housing costs. A stressful educationsystem that emphasises rote learning rather than creative thinking isalso a major concern for voters at Punggol East. Unfair competitionfor jobs from foreigners is also another campaign issue with the SDPwill take up.

The SDP has drafted in-depth policypapers on healthcare and housing which have been well received bycitizens. We will present these alternative policies to the voters inPunggol East.

The SDP is committed to offering votersa competent voice. We will field a credible candidate who isdedicated to serving the people of Punggol East well and, if elected,will take Singapore forward by introducing our solutions to thecurrent problems in Parliament.

Chee Soon Juan

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