SDP sends WP invitation again

Singapore Democrats

The Workers’ Party has turned down an invitation from the SDP to meet to discuss the opposition’s participation in the by-election in Punggol East.$CUT$

The SDP first wrote to WP on 8 January 2013 (before Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced the by-election on 9 January) to meet for talks. We proposed the date of 12 January.

8 January 2013

Ms Sylvia Lim
Workers’ Party

Dear Ms Lim,

I would like to invite you and your party colleagues to discuss our parties’ positions in regards to the by-elections expected to be called in Punggol East SMC. Specifically, we would like to explore the possibility of one opposition party contesting against the PAP in the by-election.

I would like to propose that we meet on 12 January 2013, Saturday at 10am. If you are agreeable to the date and time, we will make arrangements for the meeting venue. Otherwise, I would be grateful if you could suggest an alternative date and time.

Thank you.  

Jufrie Mahmood
Singapore Democratic Party

When the by-elections was announced yesterday, we sent another email asking for the meeting to be brought forward to 11 January, Friday.

9 January 2013

Dear Ms Lim,

I refer to my email dated 8 January 2013 inviting the WP for a meeting vis-a-vis the by-election at Punggol East.

In view of the fact that the PM has called for the by-election, we should meet as soon as possible. I propose Friday, 11 January 2013, lunchtime. I await your reply.


However, we received a reply from Ms Sylvia Lim that gave no indication of WP accepting our invitation.

We have written a third time to the WP asking it to meet:

10 January 2013

Low Thia Khiang
Workers’ Party

Dear Mr Low,

I refer to the invitation from our Chairman Jufrie Mahmood for our parties to meet on Friday, 11 January, to discuss our participation in the by-election at Punggol East.

Unfortunately in her reply, your Chairman Sylvia Lim, gave no indication that the WP has accepted our invitation.

I would like to extend the invitation again. If you find the proposed date and time of lunch on 11 January 2013 unsuitable, please suggest an alternative one. We should meet soon to give ourselves time to thoroughly discuss some urgent matters.

Specifically, we hope to explore ways on how we can offer the best candidate with the best opportunity to defeat the PAP. The SDP would like to work with the WP to avoid a 3- or multi-corner fight with the PAP.

More importantly, we would like to see how opposition parties can work closer together in the interest of unseating the PAP to bring about a democratic system in Singapore.

In order to achieve these, let us meet to explore how the opposition can cooperate in a more concerted manner starting with this by-election. The meeting on Friday would be a good beginning.

I hope you will give my invitation serious consideration.

As this matter is of intense public interest, I wish to inform you that our correspondence may be made open. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.


Chee Soon Juan
Singapore Democratic Party


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