The SDP’s unity proposal to the WP explained

There isa strong sentiment among opposition supporters that a three-cornered fight in Punggol East should beavoided at all cost. At thesame time, Singapore would benefit from debating SDP’s various alternative policies in the Parliament.$CUT$


TheSDP’s proposal for cooperation with the Workers’ Party was anattempt to explore all possibilities to avoid a three-cornered fight.


Thereare ample precedents for collaboration between diverse political parties in theUK, Canada, Germany and Australia. Closer tohome, the DAP in Malaysia chose to support the PAS candidate in Kedah despite vastideological differences in order to defeat the governing Barisan Nasional.


The SDP was open to all possibilities including supporting the WP candidate and running theTown Council ourselves or any other creative solutions.


We lookforward to a healthy contest of ideas in this by-election.