SDP heeds calls to withdraw from by-election

Singapore Democrats

We had decided to contest theby-election in Punggol East because of the following factors:$CUT$

(1) A set of alternative policies that wewanted to present to the voters.

(2) A candidate who would have a strongchance of defeating the PAP candidate.

(3) A well-organised party machinery torun a highly effective campaign.

However, we have decided to withdrawfrom the race. Singaporeans have signaled clearly that they do notwant to see a three-cornered contest in Punggol East which may dilutethe vote and allow a PAP win. We hear their voices and we have heededthem.

In politics, it is equally important tolisten as it is to speak. We note the genuine concern that the PAPmay get returned if there is a split in the opposition’s supportbetween the SDP and WP. For this reason, we are stepping aside.

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