Message for the SDP

Dear SDP team,

I applaud the SDP for heeding the voices of the people and not contesting in the punggol-east ward.

I have voted for SDP in the last election in the Holland-Bukit Panjang GRC, so I sincerely urge the party to move forward and concentrate your resources in the western part of Singapore (Bt Panjang, Bt Batok, Bt Gombak and Woodlands) where the party has done a lot of hustings in this areas during the last election.

As such, I hope the party can do more walkabouts in this area where the SDP team had actually secured 39.92% of the votes in my constituency and the candidates profiles are still vividly in my mind.

Historically, SDP has won Bukit Gombak, Nee Soon Central in the past elections and voters like me still remembers the glorious victory of SDP at that time. I urge SDP to continue to make your presence felt in these areas and continue to retain the support from these people who had in the past voted for SDP.

As such, I urge SDP to continue to entrench your support in the North and north-western Singapore rather than go on a head on collision with WP in the east, as said this would only benefit the authoritarian PAP splitting the opposition vote and playing right into their vicious hand.

I read with interest and vigour in all your alternative policy papers and congratulate the only opposition party to come out with such ideas and action. Please continue to keep up the good work.

Please know that there are always silent voters like me behind SDP all the way.


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