SDP offers internship programme

Singapore Democrats

Dear students,

The Singapore Democrats have created an internshipexperience for students who are innovative and passionate aboutpublic service.$CUT$

The SDP Internship Programme offers students comprehensivepersonal and professional development, as well as the opportunity towork with political leaders in the opposition.

Our internship programme is avaluable addition to your educational development and learning experience. The programme provides you with thesupport necessary to ensure that your experience is fruitful andrewarding.

As an intern, you will get theopportunity to work in our various units under our Party Organising Department. In our Policy unit, interns will assist in research and analysis on a wide range of issues. Some of our recentpolicy papers published were The SDP National Healthcare Plan and HousingA Nation.

Interns can also work with our Communications group which prepares andcoordinates news releases, audio and video presentations, and party reports. Intern duties include assembling daily-clipspackets, assisting with media events, and maintaining aneffective presence on the internet through various social mediatools.

Interns will also have the opportunity gain frontline political activities with our GroundOperations team in the planning and execution of on-the-ground campaign work and reaching out to youths.

There is also valuable work experience to be gained from our Community Services and Training & Development Units.

The SDP Internship Programme is intended for persons seeking to gain academicand/or professional experience. The Internship does not carry a stipend. However, a workspace is provided with close working contact with party leaders. The programme is intended to provideyou with:

  • Exposure to the operations and day-to-day tasks of the SDP’s Office.

  • Assignments that reflect methods in how the party strives to be competent, constructive and compassionate.

  • A framework to enhance educational experience through practical work and research, thereby developing skills useful for career development.

If you are interested or require more information, please email us at:

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