By-election result makes desire for change clear

Singapore Democrats

The result of the by-election is anunambiguous sign that the people of Singapore want to see democraticchange. The people of Punggol East have strongly indicated that theyneed to have their voice heard on matters affecting them. It isimportant that the PAP pays heed and clears the obstacles to theimprovement of our country.$CUT$

The PAP’s campaignneglected to engage with the real concerns affecting the country. Itsapproach to the voters was characterised by warm sentiments devoid ofreal proposals for change.

Singaporeans are increasinglycommitted to the idea of a Parliament that works to safeguard theirinterests. It is a word of warning that the status quo is becominguntenable for our day-to-day lives and a plain verdict on nationalpolicies.

Over the last ten years we have experienceddeclining wages, the cost of public goods like healthcare and housingrising exorbitantly. These have occurred in the context of acontracting economy and a dependence on cheap, foreign labourdisplacing local workers.

The SDP congratulates Ms Lee Li Lianand the Workers’ Party for their victory in the Punggol EastBy-election. We share a common goal of improving the lives of ourfellow citizens. We would also like to recognise the other candidateswho ran a diligent campaign.

The SDP believes that in politicsthe welfare of the people must be the bedrock of all effort. We willcontinue to develop alternative policies and present the people witha vision of a happier and more secure future.

We will push onwith our groundwork which helps us to identify the struggles of thecitizens and feeds into our policy development. We continue to standready to work with all parties to promote the prosperity and wellbeing of our fellow citizens.

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