True leadership

Hello SDP,

Now is the time to demonstrate your real leadership. The SDP is different and it can make a positive difference to Singaporeans.

I suggest that the SDP leads from the front: the debates, consolidating views and comments from the public, formulating alternative policies inside and outside of the Parliament, and to initiate meaningful exchanges with the governing party for the best interests of Singaporeans.

The National population policies is the core of what we are as a nation and as a people. The infrastructure, the services, and even the social fabric and culture of Singapore affect everyone. As seen from all these failed policies by the PAP, we now have inadequate transportation system with frequent breakdowns, our escalating housing and medical costs, crowded healthcare and common facilities, etc.

How we live our daily lives in this place called home dictates our emotional connections of what it means to be a Singaporean.

It’s a golden opportunity for the SDP to really differentiate itself. Seize the leadership and make it happen!


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