Please speak up more

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I agree with most of your party’s policies. However, you need to spread them better and louder.

It’s imperative now, more than ever, that you guys gain as much influence. I say this because I fear that if nothing substantial changes by 2016, the damage done to Singapore will be too great to be undone. (You may also want to persuade some of the new citizens, as they will likely comprise a significant portion of the votes by then. I’m not quite sure how, although it’s likely that you’ve already thought of it.)

Anyway, thanks for speaking up for us Singaporeans. If it’s at all possible, I hope you speak up more on our horribly over-taxed public transport system. The MRT is fast becoming an increasingly dangerous place and a disaster that’s just waiting to happen. The gantries or doors often shut on some hapless jostling commuters who get trapped momentarily. Any similar kind of technical faults that override the safety features or some other human errors may result in serious injuries or even gruesome death in future. That’s not even mentioning the ridiculously crowded trains themselves.

And now the PAP wants to increase the population to 7 million! I really hope that you and the other opposition parties will not allow this to happen.

Best regards,


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