Discord among Filipinos and Singaporeans

Dear SDP,

I would like to bring to your attention of social discord or racial disharmony that is growing stronger among Singaporean versus Filipinos lately.

All over Internet, especially social media, alot of hate remarks have been made by Filipinos and Singaporeans on a daily basis. I am not saying which group are in the right or wrong, but Filipinos should at least show respect for the people of the host country. The tension is going from bad to worse, and I have also seen such manifestation in real life.

This is a real problem, and we must acknowledge and solve it before things blow out of proportion, something that PAP are not capable of.

I believe that you and your party have a strong voice in singapore political scene, therefore I am writing this message to you and hope that you may bring people’s awareness to this issue, if possible, the


Thank you.


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