Democrats continue groundwork

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democrats continued with our groundwork, making house visits over the weekend in the Clementi area.$CUT$

Members spread out over several blocks in the estate, knocking on doors to get to know residents and talk to them about the work and policies of the SDP.

Several residents welcomed the party and expressed concern over the escalating cost of living.

Asked whether she had any concerns that she wanted to bring to our attention, one resident said: “I don’t have to say it, I think you all know. The high prices of everything is really a big problem.”

A Malay man said that the SDP should not have to speak for all those at the top. “It’s people like us who need a voice. The rich people don’t need so much help.”

We assured residents that we were working hard on their behalf and will continue not only to speak out on issues that concerned them but also to propose alternative ways to resolve the problems.

We explained the SDP’s alternative policies on healthcare, housing, population growth and ministerial salaries.

We told them of the plans that we had to lower healthcare costs by implementing a national insurance, single-payer system in place of the 3M system of Medisave, Medishield and Medifund.

We also explained our Non-Open Market (NOM) flat system to reduce HDB prices.

The NOM system would reduce prices to an average of about S$150,000. These flats would, however, not be allowed to be resold on the open market. The measure would free up CPF funds for retirement or other investments.   

One resident said that he had wanted to apply for a four-room flat and was told that that it cost S$560,000. “And it was a BTO flat!” he added.  

Such runaway prices that add to the housing bubble would be brought under control under the SDP policy.

We also took the opportunity to lay out our population policy, where we advocate that the current problems of overcrowded public transport, non-Singaporeans buying property, and unfair competition from foreign workers be taken care of first before we bring in more foreigners.

We reiterated our proposal to more stringently vet PMETs before allowing them into Singapore to work.

We will continue to take these policies to the people through our house visits and walkabouts on our Road to 2016.  

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