Govt ignores illegal hiring practices that disadvantage S’peans

Dear SDP,

Because of the failed and controlled education system designed by PAP making Singaporeans immobile as talent into other parts of the world, this has also become a loophole for Singaporeans to become unemployed.

Foreign companies and foreigners are using third party agencies to get people who are unlikely to have any of qualifications claimed in ridiculous requirements drawn up for job positions. If there are people with those qualifications, they would be from top first world countries and demand first world pay which makes it meaningless to come to Singapore.

MNCs and large companies hire people with the premise that all are expendable. It is impossible that the people they hire will require qualifications that are integral to the company. Since many 3rd party agencies recruit fake talents, there is a possibility that they hire cheap unqualified workers here.

How can this government allow this? And with foreign CEOs on board GLCs, we will find Singaporeans all displaced.

I hope your team and other Singaporeans can start digging this up. Some useless MPA and a basic bachelor’s degree for our claimed scholars hardly is worthy of any value in the private sector, do you not think?



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