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Although the by-election will directly affect theresidents of Punggol East, in a larger sense it is a half-timescorecard on Singaporeans’ lives in the last eighteen months.$CUT$

HDBcooling measures have had extremely limited effect and house pricescontinue to rise. Families face hospital bills amounting to $2,000per day. Parents’ worries over their children’s schooling stressare worsening.

A further transport hike has been announced. And weare still competing for jobs with foreigners even as our salarieshave stagnated or dropped over the last ten years.

The recentannouncements on the state of the economy show that our industrialoutput is contracting. Ministers have told employers to improveproductivity measures although it has not given any new proposals:previous proposals have actually led to a drop in productivity.

Thestanding of government tender and procurement processes have suffereda serious crisis of public confidence following Brompton Bikes andAIM.

At half-time, how has the government fared? A strongmessage to the PAP at this time is a message on behalf of allSingaporeans.

The SDP enters the Punggol East by-election forreal change to our lives. Our policies will provide deeper and betterParliamentary debate. An SDP Member of Parliament will holdgovernment to account on its performance. The people of our countrydeserve a government that wants to make life better for them.

Tosucceed, we ask you to work with us. An election runs on its campaignand its campaign runs on its people. Please give us your support.Make a donation today.

If you can spare some time, one hour or24/7, come forward to volunteer at Party HQ. Let’s sprint to thefinish line! Real policies for real change.

If you would liketo donate, please visit our Donation page. If you would like to volunteer, pleaseemail: or call Tel:645-645-32.

Join us to make history on 26 January2013!

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