SDP launches Chinese website

Singapore Democrats

TheSDP is proud to announce the launching of our Chinese website. This new portal is partof our continuing effort to reach out to Singaporeans.$CUT$

It will enablethe party to better explain our platform and alternative policies to theChinese-speaking segment of the electorate.

The SingaporeDemocrats started our party website in the late 1990s and have since been developing it to more effectively reach out to the people. As aresult, Singaporeans now understand better what the SDP stands forand what we want to achieve for our nation.

Although themajority of Singaporeans still depend on the newspapers and TVstations for the news, the influence of the new and social media continues toexpand.

This is the reason the SDP is constantly looking to see how we canmore effectively get our message across on the online world. We needto call to the attention of Singaporeans the SDP’s ideasand how they can help to improve the lives of our people.

For example, our healthcare and housing policies are aimed atlowering the cost of living for Singaporeans. Our population paperwhere we proposed ways of lowering the number of foreign workers andtightening the inflow of PMETs into Singapore will significantly helpour economy and enhance the quality of life for Singaporeans.

TheChinese website will further our objective of changing Singapore for the better. We hope to use it topersuade our fellow Singaporeans of our vision of a democratic,strong and caring Singapore for all Singaporeans.

It will be updated on a regular basis and will presentnews and analysis on the political situation in Singapore. We believe that theSDP is the first political party to in Singapore to offer a duallanguage portal. We hope to also launch the Malay and Tamil versionsin the near future.

To visit the Chinese website, point yourcursor on the ‘Language’ button on the top right-hand corner of ourwebsite and then click on the ‘Chinese’ button.

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