SDP to conduct Mandarin Labour Day forum

Singapore Democrats

The SDP will be organising a publicforum to commemorate this year’s May Day. It will take place next Saturday, 27 April2013. The forum, to be conducted in Mandarin, will focus on empowering our workers.$CUT$

Workersin Singapore have, since PAP came to power, come under sustained pressure,both politically and economically.

The National Trade Unions Congress has done little to advancethe lot of our workers.

In the 1960s, many trade union leaderswere detained under the Internal Security Act when they demanded better working conditions and higher pay. Mr Zhuang Ming Hu, who was the head of a construction workers’ union in the 1960s, was one of them.

Mr Zhuang had championed the plight of his fellow workers in the 1960s but was imprisoned without trial under Operation Cold Store. He will beone of the speakers at the forum and will talk about the treatment of workers under the PAP Government.

Little has changed. Today, in the face of the influx ofhundreds of thousands of foreign workers, the Singaporean workercontinues to be sidelined. Wages are depressed as businesses favourmigrant workers who are willing, and can afford, to accept lower wages. Singaporean workers have little voice.

The forumwill mark International Workers’ Day and the Singapore Democrats will use it to honour our workers who have built this country. The occasion is part of the SDP’s on-going effort to work towards empowering our Singaporean workers.

The forum will be conducted in Mandarin.

: SDP Labour Day Forum (Announcement of Forum in Chinese)
Date: 27 April 2013,Saturday
Time: 2-5 pm
Place: China Media Success, Action Room,
           #04-41 Bras Basah Complex, 231 Bain Street

All are welcome.

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