SDP visits households at Holland-Bukit Timah

Singapore Democrats

The SDP continued with our house visits yesterday, knocking on doors of residents at the Bukit Panjang estate in the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC.$CUT$

As with our previous visit in the Clementi area a few weeks ago, members fanned out and climbed several blocks of flats to say hello to the residents.

Many of the flats were occupied by permanent residents and foreign workers. Of those who were Singaporean homes, many welcomed us as we handed out flyers that provided information about what the party is doing and the issues we are speaking up on.

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As before, several of the residents said that the cost of living was the major concern. “I go to the market with $100 and comeback with only a few items,” one middle-aged lady told us. “It’s not like before, things are really expensive now.”

Another resident told us that polyclinic prices have gone up repeatedly. “The bill used to be about eight dollars, then it went up to eleven and recently when I went again, I had to pay thirteen dollars,” an elderly woman complained.

Not all of the feedback centred on bread-and-butter issues. A lady said that many of the expatriates from India seemed to no respect for Singaporean Indians.

“They are mainly from northern India and they think that we don’t know how to bring up our children here,” she said. “They think that they are so smart that they can come and criticize the way we teach our children.”

The SDP continues to do or ground work and reach out to the people. While our objective is to listen to the people, we are also spreading our message of reforming our healthcare and housing systems so that Singaporeans are not burdened by the high costs.

We are working to keep our constituents informed of the SDP’s alternative policies in these areas and how these policies can help them.

We also explain the dangers of the Government pushing for a population of 7 million in Singapore. As it is, out infrastructure is put under tremendous strain with 5 million people. Seven million would severely damage the country and its resources.

We also communicate our ideas on how to stop the further increase of our population through the indiscriminate intake of foreign workers and how we should. and can, enhance the quality of life of our people.

Getting SDP candidates into Parliament so that these grave issues be addressed and our alternative policies tabled remains our top message to Singaporeans. 

The Singapore Democrats will continue to work to gain the confidence of our people by interacting more meaningfully with them during house visits and, in the process, build a better future for our nation.