Young Democrats participate in regional workshop on climate change

Singapore Democrats

In the last several years, localenvironmental NGOs have been making important contributions to the debate on climatechange. Recently, the Nature Society of Singapore produced a position paper onthe effects of tampering with the Bukit Brown Cemetery ecology.$CUT$

The Young Democrats believe that theenvironment is an issue that Singaporeans should become more aware of and, intheir own way, make a contribution to preserving.

As part of a series of climate changeworkshops organised by the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD), twoYoung Democrats attended a three-day workshop in Cebu, central Philippinesto exchange insights and gather ideas on how to better address climate changeconcerns.

Youth leaders from Cambodia, Thailand,Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Singaporemet with Filipino, American and Australian lawyers to identify challenges inworking towards better environmental protection in their own countries.

Citing difficulties faced by civilsociety groups to save the historic Bukit Brown Cemetery in Singapore as well as thelimited effectiveness of water education, the Young Democrats were able to hear howenvironmental campaigning is done in neighbouring countries.

On the last day of the meeting, theworkshop participants, local and international attorneys, and activists from theFilipino NGO, School of the Sea, supported the children of Bantayan Islands near Cebuto call on their government to improve the transport system.

Young Democrats Coordinator, ClarenceZeng, who represented Singapore together with Jufri Salim, said, “It isvery humbling to see the younger generation of the Philippine people take responsibilityfor the future of their nation. I hope that civil society in Singapore can work togetheron similar issues of concern such as the preservation of the remaining sectionsof Bukit Brown.

Jufri Salim noted that the YoungDemocrats have organised a visit to Pulau Ubin to talk to residents there and offertheir help in preserving the natural environment which, he believes, is a crucial partof our ecological balance.

The youth arm of the Council of AsianLiberals and Democrats aims to promote liberal and democratic values amongAsian youth; create synergies among young people on issues affecting theircommunities; and increase their participation in mainstream politics. Since itsformation in 2010, CALD Youth has held international workshops on strategic planning,leadership training, and communications and participated in international youthprogrammes with counterparts in Europe and Latin America.

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