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It was a great day for a walkabout and the Singapore Democrats took full advantage of it by touring the southern part of the country yesterday to meet with the people whom we look forward to serve.$CUT$

Women- and men-in-red descended upon the housing estates in Tanjong Pagar and West Coast to meet and greet market goers and those out for their Sunday breakfast.

Party activists were deployed in two teams with each team visiting a number of food centres. Because of the deployment, we were able to cover seven centres stretching from Bukit Merah to Ayer Rajah while not compromising on the time at each location to meet with our residents.
Armed with balloons, fans and a brand new edition of The New Democrat, members talked to residents about our alternative policies and what we could do for them in Parliament.

The latest edition of our newspaper explains the dangers of increasing our population to 6.9 million as proposed by the PAP Government and presents the SDP’s alternative policies on how to manage population growth in a sustainable manner.

Headlined “We cannot have 7 million people”, we introduce our six-point plan on how to control the standard of foreign talent coming into the country while, at the same time, maintain a high quality of life for our citizens:

  1. Enact the Singaporeans First Policy
  2. Retain local talent
  3. Raise the Total Fertility Rate
  4. Introduce the Genuine Progress Index
  5. Strengthen the Singaporean identity
  6. Revamp the Ministerial pay formula

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The newspaper also carries our proposals for an alternative public housing plan as well as our recommendations to build a healthcare system that is universal, affordable and sustainable.

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On previous occasions during our ground campaign, we  conducted house visits, knocking on doors and visiting several blocks of households to listen to what they have to say.

While walkabouts allow us to have a greater reach to Singaporeans, house visits give us the chance to have quality interaction with residents. The SDP will continue to do both activities in our ground work.  

It is only with a dedicated team of members, which continues to grow, that such activities are possible. We invite you, our fellow Singaporeans, to join us as we continue on our Road to GE2016.

Let us not just hope for a better Singapore, let us work for it! Please email us at sdp@yoursdp.org or join our Facebook. 

The work is hard but necessary. During the visits yesterday morning, residents continued to express anxiousness over the rapid rising cost of living. Several told us that they would like to see their area contested in the next elections and wanted to see SDP speak up for them.

“We will continue to work hard and we will take your voice into parliament if we are elected,” Dr Chee Soon Juan assured them.

For more photographs of the event, please visit the SDP’s facebook album.

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