Government choking Singaporeans

Good day Dr Chee,

Will the SDP please stand up once again to speak up and show its care for fellow Singaporeans?

We have entered the “hazardous” range in our PSI reading. Singaporeans are again choking on the government’s lack of initiative on the haze problem.

Our PM has only posted photos from his office and urged us to stay indoors. How can we not afford to work with increasing standard of living? Shanmugam went on CNA to say government will do its best within its ability. Isn’t this just a general statement? We want to know what decisive actions the government is taking. We have not even summoned Indonesia’s ambassador or dare to state the pro-active plans like sanctions if they fail to contain the haze.

In Britain when the harsh winter came followed by widespread flu cases, the government immediately got hold of flu vaccines and allowed senior citizens and the  sick to get flu jabs free of charge, followed by children. Now here, our government is not even providing any masks to the aged and sick. No initiatives to tackle the haze problem at all except just empty talk.

I hope the SDP will once again step forward ad show its caring side. Question the government and pressure them to do more for Singaporeans. The SDP can maybe provide masks to those in need, especially sick, asthmatic or patients with respiratory problems. Show Singaporeans who can they turn to in such “hazardous” times.

Please have Singaporeans interests at heart, like the caring bear. I urge you to release a press statement and let our concerns be heard – as One United Singapore!

Thank you.

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