Haze Concerns

Dear SDP,

I noticed that many people are using “improper” face masks. For example, the flat surgical masks, and also those fashionable masks bought online which do not provide proper protection or help filter smoke particles.

I contacted various MPs to suggest they issue a public advisory about recommended masks. Nothing has yet to be done. Could this be due to the fear of public anger about the lack of N95 masks available?

If the health of Singaporeans are a priority over the fear of a mad rush for masks,I do not see why the delay, reluctance to provide detailed advisory about the proper type of masks.

I ask the SDP to look into setting up a private mini weather station, or at least one that monitors PSI. A donor/weather enthusiast who believes in the democracy of such info could be roped in. Over-reliance on the NEA to provide such info is not healthy. Sometimes the information is delayed.


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