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Yes, the Singapore Democrats willshowcase our very own Susan Boyle and Taufik — all in the name offun and fund-raising.$CUT$

Party leaders will be performing songs,dances, mimes, skits and much more to entertain our guests in thisyear’s fund-raiser.

Titled “80s Flair: A Night to Remember”, the eventwill be a throwback to the exciting 1980s when pop ruled the airwavesand big hair and bigger pants ruled fashion.

Scheduled for 17 Aug 2013 on aSaturday, the party-cum-talent show will start at 6.30pm with atantalising buffet spread (halal) to accompany the performances.

Priced at $50/ticket, the proceeds ofthe ticket sales will go towards helping the SDP prepare for the nextgeneral election.

Last year the Party organised acook-off where members and supporters stewed, baked and fried our wayinto the hearts and minds of those who attended. Guests-of-honour MrLim Kay Siu and Ms Neo Swee Lin doubled up as judges in thecompetition.

In true democratic fashion, however, our guests had thefinal say in determining Best Chef for the day. [Watch video of Kampung Kook-Off 2012]

This year’s event seems set to proveeven more colourful and entertaining than the Kook-Off. So why notjoin us for an evening of fun and entertainment (and, we guarantee,not little laughter) this year while, at the same time, contributing to thenation’s cause.

80s Flair: A Night to Remember
Date: 17 Aug 2013, Saturday
Time: 6.30pm
Price: $50/ticket

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