Suicide rate and other healthcare concerns in Singapore

Dear SDP,

I read the government policies and did an intensive research on suicide rates among developed countries. I am very certain that our suicide figure will rise and be doubled by the time it reaches the next GE! (Read:
Suicides hit all-time high in Singapore in 2012,
AFP, 12 July 2013)

Singaporeans are human too, we’re cracking up because of the unfriendly government policies and Singapore is too overcrowded.

My other concern related to healthcare is the government’s decision to build more hospitals in Singapore.

The government should learn from the UK and focus on more home-care treatment. With shortages of healthcare professionals worldwide especially in Singapore, PAP’s decision to build more hospitals look like a desperate attempt to appease the public.

The 3 possible scenarios that might happen (or all 3 might happen at one go) are:

(1) Singapore has one of the lowest birth-rates in the world. One question that needed to be raised to the Health Ministry is: When the “silver tsunami” generation finally passes on, what will happen to the excessive number of hospital beds in Singapore? Are these hospitals built to maintain healthcare for Singaporeans or for the foreigners?

(2) With limited number of healthcare professionals in Singapore, will the government decide to bring in even more foreign healthcare professionals into Singapore? For example, employing even more foreign nurses who don’t really understand our culture or practices. These foreign nurses are also paid lower than our local nurses. So are they going to deflate our local nurses’ pay?


(3) In order to attract more people into the healthcare industry, salaries needed to be revised. So will all these increase our healthcare costs? Considering that our government is rather predictable when solving problem/issues is concerned, do Singaporeans have to pay more taxes or GST?

B. M.

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