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The SDP’s internship program has gottenoff to an encouraging start with McGill University undergraduate MrChris Liu as the first enrollee. “I chose to complete aninternship with Dr Chee and the Singapore Democratic Party due to mypersonal and academic interests,” said the intern.$CUT$

Mr Liu is pursuing an honours degree inpolitical science and minoring in philosophy. He started theinternship in June and will stay on till the end of July.

Mr Liu isassisting with several projects. The first is an analysis of a needsassessment survey that the party conducted in theWoodlands community in 2011. (See here)

The survey results will help us in drawing up our alternative economic policy which is presently underway as well as help us assist the lower-income households in the area. 

Mr Liu is also involved in our Malay policy paper. He was also tasked with writing a report on conducting political research and developing effective strategies for electoral success.

“I was pleasantly surprised to findthat this project allowed me to utilize statistical analysis skillsand research methods that I had learned in the classroom and apply itin a real-world endeavour,” he said.

He said that doing research workenabled him to learn more about the unique history and ethnic makeupof the Singaporean society, while also contributing his own insightsinto overcoming the challenges that faced democratic development in Singapore.

Mr Liu took up the internship with theSDP as he is “passionate about many of the causes championed by the party, including socioeconomic inclusion and equality.”

“The internship also complements myacademic interests in Chinese politics,” he added.

Mr Liu will be graduating in April 2014and intends to pursue a PhD degree in political science. “My desire is to contribute, howevermodestly, to the ever expanding repertoire of knowledge concerningpolitical phenomena,” he said, “and I know with certainty that mytime with the SDP has provided me with experiences that will assistme in this endeavour.

“I can only hope that during my internship, I have given to the SDP with as much as it have givento me.”

The SDP has also placed our youth members in internship and study programmes overseas (see here and here).

Editor’s note: If you are interested in doing an internshipwith the SDP, please click here.

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