The destiny of the Singapore home

Dear SDP,

Singaporeans have one common destiny. We live, work, retire & die (followed by cremation) in Singapore.

All Singaporeans have this destiny, believe in this destiny, work together towards this destiny and try to make this destiny forever in the hearts and minds of all Singaporeans. All Singaporeans need to ask one question of the PAP:

Do the PAP believe in the same common destiny as all Singaporeans? Do PAP believe, trust and sacrifice their lives to achieve the common destiny of all Singaporeans? Do PAP make use of all Singaporeans to help maintain the success of the PAP in the past, at present and in the future?

The destiny of all Singaporeans began on 9th August 1965 when Singapore was born as our country and our home.

At present, Singapore is our home. In the future, Singapore remains our home. Singapore is always our home.

Has the PAP slowly, subtly, silently and steadily destroyed the destiny of Singapore with its relentless pursuit of turning Singapore into a global city called Rome?


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