Democrats visit residents at Toh Yi Drive

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democrats visited all the blocks at Toh Yi Drive on Sunday in our continuing campaign on the Road to 2016. Party activists spent the entire morning knocking on doors to distribute flyers and talk about our alternative policies.$CUT$

We were greeted very warmly by residents, many of whom told us that they had voted for us in the last general elections. Some asked if elections were drawing near.

No, we explained, but we have to do the groundwork now so that we can get to know the residents well and to win their support.

As expected the issue of immigration came up for mention. At least two households raised the question of the Government readily giving PRC nationals permanent resident (PR) status compared to other nationalities. 

A Taiwanese PR, married to a Malaysian PR, said that her family had declined to become Singapore citizens because they wanted to retire in Malaysia. She said that she loved to stay in Singapore but the high cost of living deterred their taking up Singapore citizenship.

Another resident said that she had sold her flatand moved into her in-laws’ place because her child’s school is nearer tothe in-laws’ flat. Her husband and her then wanted to buy a new flat but wasunable to do so because of HDB’s income ceiling policy. However, they cannot afford private housing and are, therefore, caught in a bind.

Our members explained that under the SDP-proposed housing plan, the family can buy a Non-Open Market flat that would resolve her conundrum. She would even get priority under our Young Family Priority Scheme where families with children are first in line for flats.

Another big issue with the residents there was the proposed construction of a facility for the elderly in the estate. The issue erupted last year when residents complained about the plans, opposing its construction.

During our visit, one resident told us that the media had misrepresented their views. It was reported that the complainants had  
objected because the centre would reduce their property value.

The truth was that the area was not suitable for a centre for the elderly because of the undulating landscape which makes it difficult for elderly persons to walk.

The residents there had launched a petition that was signed by more than 600 people asking for the facility not to be constructed. However, they said that their PAP MP, Ms Sim Ann, was powerless to do anything and that the project would probably go ahead.

The Singapore Democrats will continue to conduct our groundwork to listen to the people so that we can better represent them in parliament. We’re readying ourselves for the contest in 2016.

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