Democrats cover more ground at Holland-BT GRC

Singapore Democrats

We reported a couple of weeks ago that SDP members had visited the Toh Yi housing estate in Holland-Bukit Timah GRC. The party was back in the constituency, this time calling on residents in the Bukit Panjang area.$CUT$

Handing out flyers headlined A Caring Party That Speaks Up For You, activists spent Sunday morning knocking on the doors of nearly 20 blocks of flats and saying hello to our constituents.

A few residents expressed surprise to see us. “Are elections coming already?” one enquired.

“No, the next elections are still a couple of years away,” we explained, “we’re continuing our work since the last GE so that we can visit every household.”

Indeed, our Ground Operations Unit, led by Central Executive Committee member Mr Bryan Lim, has been getting party activists busy with house visits, block parties and walkabouts immediately after the last general elections in 2011.

The mission is to get to know the residents and listen to what they have to say. We also use the occasions to explain how we can improve the dismal situation in Singapore through our alternative policies.

Not surprisingly, many of the residents told us about public transport being overcrowded and the daily struggle to get to work and back.

One resident said that while the town council increased conservancy charges from $48 to $55, the standard of estate up-keep has not improved. In fact, according to her, the mosquito problem has gotten worse.

A few younger parents were anxious about the load and stress of their children’s school work. We assured them that the SDP is looking into the educational system and will make alternative policies to improve it.

The party will go on another walkabout in a few weeks from now. We intend to keep up our groundwork and ready ourselves for the next polls.

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