Democrats elect new CEC

Singapore Democrats

The SDP held its biennial party conference last Saturday during which it elected its 16th Central Executive Committee (CEC). New faces were introduced into the leadership even as familiar ones continue to provide the necessary experience.$CUT$

Mr Jeffrey George, a shipping engineer, was elected the new Chairman replacing Mr Jufrie Mahmood who had expressed his wish to step down for health reasons. Mr Jufrie remains in the new CEC.

Dr Chee Soon Juan was elected Secretary-General.

Mr Christopher Ang took over the post of Assistant Secretary-General from Mr John Tan who became Vice-Chairman. Mr Vincent Cheng who had occupied the Vice-Chairman’s preferred to be a member of the CEC.

Three new faces joined the new line-up: Ms Chong Wai Fung assumed the post of Treasurer, Ms Jaslyn Go takes over as Assistant Treasurer and Mr Jufri Salim, a Young Democrat, came on board as a member.

Even though this was the first time the three are serving as CEC members, they are not new faces in the political scene. Ms Chong has been organising and hosting some of the party’s public events, while Ms Go and Mr Jufrie have been with the SDP for many years.

Below is the new CEC line-up:

Mr Jeffrey George, Chairman                                   
Dr Chee Soon Juan, Secretary-General      
Mr John Tan, Vice-Chairman                            
Mr Christopher Ang, Assistant Secretary-General
Ms Chong Wai Fung, Treasurer    
Ms Jaslyn Go, Assistant Treasurer                   
Ms Chee Siok Chin
Mr Vincent Cheng
Mr Jufri Salim
Mr Jufrie Mahmood
Mr Bryan Lim
Mr Mohd Isa
Mr Gerald Sng
Mr Francis Yong

Secretary-General Chee addressed members at the conference and called on party activists to step up the effort in preparation for the next general elections.

He reminded members of the party’s vision to build a compassionate and egalitarian Singapore where we place less emphasis on material riches and more attention to improve our quality of life.

“Ourability to care will lend courage needed to question authority and tobuild a capacity for collective reasoning and debate that will allowus to shape our future in ways that will fulfill our aspirations,” Dr Chee said.

“A party that truly believes in thepeople,” he emphasised, “one that seeks to put people before profit, wisdom beforewealth and rights before riches is one that will be on the right sideof history.”

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