Party activists keep up Road to 2016 campaign

Singapore Democrats

Costly COEs, stressful jobs, worries that the younger generation can’t afford housing. These were some of the issues that residents raised during our visit to the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC yesterday.$CUT$

As party activists trekked through nearly 20 blocks of flats in the area, several residents opened their gates and came out to chat.

Whether it was the gradual dissipation of fear or the build up of frustration toward current policies or both, constituents were more willing to talk about their concerns.

One household said that PAP MPs don’t walk the talk. While they call on Singaporeans to sacrifice for the country, a middle-aged man said, they continue to make big money and live the good life.

Another resident said she hardly saw the PAP people in the area and they came around only when they want the votes.

A male resident said that he will only vote for an opposition party “which is constructive and not just engaging in PAP bashing.”

This was exactly the message that the Democrats are putting forth: that the SDP has been hard at work in drawing up comprehensive policy plans that detail realistic alternative ideas.

In our flyers, we explain briefly the healthcare, housing and population papers, pointing out how healthcare and housing costs can be made affordable for Singaporeans.

We also talk about how our Singaporeans First policy will ensure that our population growth can be managed more responsibly.

As before, some residents voiced their worries that there are too many foreigners in Singapore. One said that some foreign workers are using Singapore as a stepping stone to by obtaining their citizenship here so that they can travel freely around the world.

Besides putting forth alternative ideas, the SDP is also working hard on the ground, as this report shows, to explain our policies and to get to know our constituents. We will continue to conduct such house visits and walkabouts in preparation for the next general elections. 

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