The Singapore flag that describes PAP

Dear SDP,

Red & White — These 2 colors symbolize the gap between the elite and common citizens. It also contrasts between the rich vs poor, have vs have not. In short it represents the double standards which PAP divides and treats society.

Red is often used to signify communism and autocratic rule (as in the colors for China and Russia) and so PAP is the top red lording over the lower white which is the citizen. Double standards is also evident in the way PAP deals with HDB upgrades for PAP wards and opposition wards.

The Moon Crescent — This aptly describes PAP’s lack of full transparency and hence accountability in its dealings. Just as the Moon is only a partial crescent, PAP reveals only partial information while hiding other facts from the citizen. The cost of HDB flat is an apt example.

The 5 Stars:

Bottom left star, OPPRESSION — This has been the fundamental characteristic of PAP. From controlling the mass media, to prosecution of opposition politicians, to striking fear in citizen. There is no shortage of examples.

Bottom right star, EXPLOITATION — This is another fundamental characteristic of PAP. The use of foreign talents to suppress wages of office workers for the benefit of the rich employers, the control of trade union so that employers (including the government bodies) can exploit the terms of employment.

Middle left star, LACK OF TALENT — This is most evident when LHL who is so incompetent and needed 2 mentors for so many years (and wasted so much of taxpayers’ money for salaries of those 2 mentors).

Middle right star, HYPOCRISY — While PAP preaches meritocracy, it actually practices HYPOCRISY. Government focuses on paper scholarship. Opposition MPs are denied promotion simply because they do not belong to PAP, not because they lack capability.

The crowning star, GREED — Whatever PAP does, it is about profit maximization and GDP growth instead of citizens’ happiness and welfare. Take the crowded buses and trains as examples, packing them full to squeeze the maximum profit for each trip.

Dr Chee, I hope you can use my above observation to remind all voters to vote wisely. As they see the Singapore Flag, they will likewise be reminded about the ill characteristics of PAP.

Warm regards,

Chee Hay Kheong

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