Afternoon of skill and passion

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Then there were two. And it was last year’s finalists that beat 11 other teams and made it all the way again to this year’s SDP Futsal Competition finals. UC Boyz and Team Unknowns (the 2012 champions) battled it out for the championship and the latter exacted revenge by beating their rivals 2-0. Boyzclub claimed the third spot.$CUT$

The venue was packed with 17 teams, 150 players, and scores of supporters who had congregated last Saturday at the Golazo futsal complex at Jurong West to participate in the third annual tournament.

The competition, which went on for five hours, comprised the round robin stage followed by a knock-out format in the quarter- and semi-finals. 

As in the past two events, Saturday’s competition was no less passionate with teams going at it hard and fast. The players, many in their late teens and early 20s, lit up the pitches with their lightning speed and skillful ball control.

But even with the main event drawing most of the attention, there was the lighter side where teams from the SDP, SPP, WP and F8, and NGO, took part in the non-competition section. While the level of play was not as sublime, these teams played with no less heart.

In the end, however, it was a good afternoon away from politics and good time to immerse ourselves in a bit of recreation and socialisation. 

The futsal competition is, apart from helping to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle, one way for the SDP to reach out to Singaporeans (especially our youths) and to raise awareness of the nation’s politics among them. 

More event photos at SDP’s facebook album.

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