Educational videos on politics

Dear SDP,

I came across some of the SDP videos on youtube by Dr Chee. Those videos are really insightful and offers brand new perspectives on our nation and also offers criticism in a professional manner. I feel that these videos can go a long way in educating apathetic Singaporeans who sit on the fence (and vote for PAP due to lack of knowledge) about politics.

I would like to suggest that SDP could educate Singaporeans further by producing more of such educational videos. The difference is that they should target at the younger generations, delivering information through entertaining satirical videos.

We have Mr Brown with the podcast and blogs, Demon-cratic Singapore with the comic strips, but we haven’t got a youtuber yet. There are many popular local youtube channels such as NOC with many young followers, if we could do something fun and educational at the same time, it will go a long way.

Best regards,
Neo RJ

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