We must turn Singapore around

Singapore Democrats

Dear friends,

We are a little past the halfway pointin between elections and very soon the GE will be upon us again. Unfortunately, never has the mood of Singaporeans been so dark and our confidence inour future so low.$CUT$

With overcrowding, MRT breakdowns, fare hikes, hospital-bed shortages,a riot, income inequality, unaffordable housing, record number of suicides, unhappy workers,immigration checkpoint failures, etc, many Singaporeans are despondent.

But we don’t have todespair; we can, and must, turn Singapore around. To do that, we need to first see that we are not inextricably locked to the present policies. There arealternatives – alternatives drawn up by the SDP – that will take our country down a better, more promising path.

Our policies on healthcare, housing and population are real and workable, they can make ourlives more meaningful and less stressful. Like you, wewant to see a Singapore where we live a more balanced lifestyle,where society is more compassionate, and where the government is openand democratic.

But we can’t build this Singaporealone. We need your support.

The Prime Minister can call forelections anytime. When he does, we want to be ready. We cannot waituntil the announcement is made, by then it’ll be too late. We need tostart preparations now and, for this, funds are crucial.

Please consider making a donation. If each of you makes a small contribution, our work for the next elections will get a good head-start.

So click on one of the buttons below and let’s start the effort of turning Singapore around. Let’s start building our vision of a better Singapore. Thank you.


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