“Lang jiu lau, mi kia jiu kwee”

Singapore Democrats

The Road to 2016 started right after the general elections in 2011. Since then, the SDP has been on the ground to connect with voters and we have been at it for the last three years. The house visit yesterday at Marsiling was a continuation of our effort in our preparation for the next GE.$CUT$

Members and volunteers fanned out with one message: The PAP is taking us in the wrong direction and we need a competent, constructive and compassionate party in Parliament to check the Government and bring us back on the right path.

And judging by the response, the people agree.

Many of those with whom we spoke were angry about the unforgiving rise in the cost of living. Despite the ‘giveaways’ of the latest Budget, residents were unhappy about the continued increase in daily expenses.

“This government has fooled the people too many times,” said one resident, “they give us something and then take it back later in another form.”

An elderly man said in Hokkien that he can’t even go down to the kopitiam for his coffee any more because he can’t afford it. “Lang jiu lau, mi kia jiu kwee, (the older we get, the more expensive things are” he said, adding “cheng hu boh yong (the Government is useless).” 

A 71-year-old woman told us that she needs to get medication for her mentally handicapped daughter who suffers from epilepsy. “I have to pay $85 for four months of her medication, but I cannot afford,” she said her voice trailing off.

She related that she met Dr Lee Wei Ling. “She is very nice, she said that if the hospital charges me, I can go and see her. She is the Prime Minister’s sister right?” But she never got to see Dr Lee and has to continue paying the bills.

Another resident angrily warned our activists not to visit a certain household in the block: “He’s on the seventh floor. Don’t talk to him, he’s the chairman of the RC here, really sa kar the Government.”

The difficulties of the people are real and so is the anger. Our interaction with the residents affirms our belief that Singapore needs a voice in Parliament which addresses their frustrations and difficulties.

But even as we soldier on, we hope that Singaporeans don’t see the endeavour as merely the SDP’s but that if we are going to effect change, everyone must do their part.

So get involved today by signing up here, for democracy is won, never given.

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