Call for applications for Mohd Isa Bursary Award

Singapore Democrats

The SDP is calling for applications for the Mohd Isa Bursary Award set up to assist students from lower-income and needy families. The initiative is part of the party’s effort to level up society through education.$CUT$

Primary and secondary school students will be chosen to receive the Award this year. The Awards are $500 for secondary school students and $300 for primary school students. Below are details for the application process:

Eligibility criteria

  • Singapore citizen or either parentis a Singapore citizen
  • Full-time student in a governmentschool/education institution (primary to secondary)
  • Per capita household income (gross) of$450/month or less (this is computed as follows: Total netincome of everyone in the household divided by the number of peoplein the household)

Supporting documents

  • Photocopy of Student Pass of theapplicant
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificates/NRICsof applicant and all household members (both paternal and maternal)
  • Year 2013 mid-year and final-year examresults
  • Latest Income Tax Assessment form orpay slips or CPF Contribution History for all working adults(including self-employed) in the household. Working adults who do nothave a fixed salary must produce the pay slips of the last 3 monthsof CPF contribution history
  • Latest CPF Contribution History of allnon-working adults in the household

Application procedure

  • Applications must be submitted by 18April 2014.
  • Late submissions will not beconsidered.
  • Applicant must submit the applicationform together with the supporting documents listed to:
                                           Singapore Democratic Party
                                           12A Jalan Gelenggang
                                           Singapore 578192
If your child qualifies, or if you know of anyone whose child qualifies, for the Award, please download (or send them) the application form here. Alternatively, please help us publicise the information.

In a system stacked in favour of the elite, pupils lower on the socioeconomic scale are often unfairly disadvantaged. This Award is a modest start in our effort to assist students from poorer backgrounds to compete more fairly with their peers.

We hope to expand this programme in the years to come. One way of doing this is to set aside a portion of the our MPs’ allowance to finance it. The SDP’s constitution was amended in 2009 to require our MPs to contribute up to 50 percent of their allowance to the Party to be used for social programmes like this.

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