Why are Singaporeans unhappy?

Hi Dr Chee and the Singapore Democratic Party,

I would like to share with you why I think Singaporeans are unhappy.

From a young age, Singaporean children are brought up to make a profit for the country. This, in turn, leads them to also define their lives in terms of profits. If they “make it”, they enjoy their lives by feeling financially secured and better-off in this consumers’ paradise. If they don’t make it, they feel sad that they did not live up to the expectations of them, and they are ashamed of not being able to make lots of money.

Either way, there’s no real winners. Because if you do not make big money, you feel that you are a loser, as you did not meet the goal of being rich. Even if you become rich, you have to deal with other unhappy Singaporeans in your daily life which could make you similarly unhappy.

Now, we have to ask, what is the problem here?

For me, the problem is plain and simple. The People’s Action Party has corrupted its people by bringing Singaporeans up in a business-minded way. They are so caught up in meeting their stated goal of economic prowess. They have created a lot of unhappy people.

Maybe it is considered “not constructive” or even “ungrateful” for me to criticise the very system that has brought economic success to the country and to many Singaporeans. But think of the obvious consequence to what I have suggested here:

Let’s change the education system. It’s the root cause of our problems. The young mind of our children is already sick and corrupted. We should inculcate the idea that education is about learning and discovery rather than for making money. Singapore might experience less economic growth or wealth. But, we will have a more civilised and truely happy society.

Generally, Singaporeans are able to feed their families. They are just unhappy that they aren’t making more than what they are making now. It is fruitless to talk about how the cost of living can be reduced if riches and profits remains our meanings to life. We seem to just need more and more money in order to be “happy”.


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