May Day message: Fortunes of workers and SDP are inseparable

Singapore Democrats

Even as we celebrate May Day, we must remember that Singapore’s workers continue to labour under a system that makes life harder for them. Here are some indicators:$CUT$

  • Singaporeans work the most number of hours compared to other similar economies.

  • We are the most stressful place to live in Asia

  • We are the unhappiest people in the world.

  • Singaporean workers were found to enjoy going to work the least and have the least supportive workplaces.

  • At the end of our working lives, we cannot withdraw our CPF savings for retirement.

On top of this, the Government will continue to bring in 20,000 foreign nationals every year that will add even more pressure on our workers struggling in an already over-crowded city. The situation is untenable, it will cause a breakdown of our social cohesion and undermine our national security.

If we are to progress and build for ourselves sustainable living conditions where we enjoy a healthy work-life balance, our infrastructure is not over-stretched, and our wages can afford us a decent quality of life we must change direction.

The SDP will speak up for our workers, as we always have, and struggle for their rights. Our campaign for minimum wage and for independent trade unions will continue until the PAP listens to our hardworking people who play by the rules but keep getting the short end of the stick. They deserve better.

It is only when our workers are empowered that they will be a respected community again and not be exploited as they have been all these years.

The fortunes of our workers and those of the SDP’s are inseparable. On this May Day, we move forward together.

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