Picture touches raw nerve among PAP supporters

Singapore Democrats

This picture which we posted on our Facebook  two days ago attracted the ire of some PAP supporters who called it a “circus” and “populist bo liao G bashing.” One even scolded: “Super Disgusting Party!”$CUT$

Unfortunately, these folks continue to tell everyone to believe the PAP and not their lying eyes.

They refuse to accept reality. Reality like this elderly couple who had to walk 1 km home after visiting a polyclinic – they didn’t have enough money for transportation after paying their medical bills.

Watch the video here.

Or these elderly folks struggling to clear plates and bowls.

Or these retirees collecting airport luggage trolleys.

The PAP reacted to the negative publicity about struggling elderly Singaporeans by coming up with the Pioneer Generation Package. It spent millions of tax dollars putting up commercials and posters to show that it was doing something for them.

But it could not have escaped our ministers that the older generation has been suffering for decades without proper financial support. And when they do what they should have done a long time ago and as a matter of duty, they spend public money making themselves look like Robin Hood.

The crux of the matter is how the PAP values the people. It treats us like votes to win and digits to boost the economy.

How else can you explain that when the elderly cried out for lifts to be built to stop on every floor because they couldn’t climb the stairs, the PAP told them that they had to vote for the party before they would get priority for the lift upgrading.

This is not what good governments do, it is how self-serving governments operate to stay in power – even if the elderly have to pay for it.

Ultimately, the photograph comparing cleaners in Singapore and Australia isn’t about minimum wage or even the right of older people to work.

It is about how we treat our weak and vulnerable, the Ah Kongs and Ah Mas in our midst. How we do this reflects on our Government, on our values and on us as a people.

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