Finding our way home

Singapore Democrats

A home is where the heart is.

But it is also where the mind works and plays. Increasingly, our hearts are telling us one thing but our minds another.$CUT$

We grew up on this island with family and friends, and the sights, smells and sounds have become second nature. They play with our emotions and pull at our heartstrings.

But our mind sees our home leaving us, alienated and distant.

When our hearts and minds are in discord, our home is in disorder. When our home is in disorder and we push ahead, we lose our way.

When we lose our way, we don’t know where we’ve come from, and when we turn around, all we want to see is no longer there.

As we mark another National Day, let us look hard and find the path back so that one day, we can say we have finally come home.

Happy National Day!

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