S’poreans don’t want handouts, just what belongs to them

Singapore Democrats

For more than half-a-century, Singaporeans have kept their heads down, toiled and sacrificed to build our economy. They said little when the Government insisted that they put aside a portion of their wages for retirement.$CUT$

They protested not when the Government increased that portion to 40% (even reaching 50% at one point), making Singaporeans the biggest savers in the world.

They watched in silence as they kept paying for their HDB flats through their CPF even as prices leapt, depleting their kitty.

They remained stoic when even more was taken to pay for their Medisave.

They watched in fearful silence as the Government took their money and made lucrative (and often questionable) deals in overseas investments while getting back low returns.

Now after all this, the Government wants to retain the little that they have left. 

Should they be expected to remain silent?

Singaporeans have been a long-suffering people, conditioned to accept that welfare and social spending by the state is wrong, that citizens must be self-reliant.

No, the people are not asking for handouts, they are not asking for state pension. They just want what belongs to them.

And the CPF belongs to them, it is their hard-earned money. Wanting it back is not an unreasonable demand and the SDP in Parliament will help you get it back.

Every cent of their savings should be returned without further pretense and delay. Anything less is a betrayal.