Pushing towards GE at Holland-Bt Timah GRC

Singapore Democrats

The SDP continued with our ground campaign at the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC today in preparation for the next GE.$CUT$

We were there to spread our message about the CPF, over-crowding, and cost of living issues.

Several residents were clearly unhappy with the Government over a range of issues.

A group having breakfast (pictured) enthusiastically welcomed the Democrats and with the smartphones on the ready, took several photographs with us. 

We also chatted at length with a group of younger male Singaporeans who just competed serving their National Service.

“So you can vote at the next elections,” we pointed out. “Will we get your support?”

“Of course!” they chorused.

Party members traversed the constituency and the adjoining areas of the West Coast and Tanjong Pagar GRCs.

It was a packed schedule as we traveled widely to spread our message.

Our walkabouts are alternated with house visits which allow us more time to interact with residents in a meaningful manner.

“Help us get into Parliament so that we can speak up for you,” Dr Chee Soon Juan said to the constituents, “we know that the cost of living is hurting you with prices going up but our wages not keeping pace.”

Aunties and uncles at the food centres and markets nodded in agreement.

One resident pointed to an article in our newspaper The New Democrat about PUB bills (pictured) and said that he finds it difficult even to pay his electricity and water bill.

“One side earn a little bit,” he lamented in Hokkien, “the other side pay the Government everything.”

Along the way, the SDP team encountered Ms Grace Fu (pictured) who was recently appointed as the Minister in charge of the newly created Municipal Services Office (MSO). Dr Chee stopped to chat with Ms Fu and wished her well.

Apart from our online campaign, the Singapore Democrats will continue work hard, as we have been all these years, to reach out to voters on the ground.

With your support, we will get into Parliament and  make it truly the People’s House. 

See more walkabout photos at SDP’s facebook album.


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