SDP supports Govt’s investment in solar panels

Singapore Democrats

The SDP welcomes the Government’s move to install solar panels on the rooftops of army camps, schools and HDB blocks. The announcement was made by the Minister for National Development Khaw Boon Wan last week.$CUT$

Such an initiative not only helps generate power in a cheaper manner thereby reducing energy costs and benefiting the people, it will also assist in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions.

Climate change is a real danger confronting the world. Being a small island, Singapore is especially vulnerable to the melting of polar ice caps which would raise sea levels and affect our coastal areas.

While we are a small country and do not make a large impact on global warming, it is important nevertheless that we take the lead to reduce our carbon footprint so that we have the moral authority to encourage bigger nations to adopt similar environmentally friendly practices.

With the move to install solar panels, we look forward to the authorities passing on the anticipated savings in energy production to Singaporeans whose current utility bills have become a burden especially those in the lower income groups.

The SDP will support Government initiatives which help the nation and our people.

However, we will not hesitate to speak up on schemes that hurt and disenfranchise Singaporeans, and we will work to reverse them so that our fellow citizens will have a better and more secure future.

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